We offer very focused industry oriented training from the IT industry veterans . We can provide onsite and offsite training programs for Corporate companies as well as individuals on the topics mentioned below:

Android Platform development

  • Understand Android Operating System Internals.
  • Understand how to build and run Android on embedded platforms.
  • Learn how to customize the build process and handle platform specifics.
  • Learn how to debug issues during build and platform bring up.
  • Understand device driver internals and how to debug kernel issues.

Android Application development

  • Java Programming
  • Android development tools
  • Programming the User Interface
  • Developoing Multi Screen Apps
  • Animation
  • Handling data
  • Native development

iOS Application development

Embedded training

•    Development using Microchip platforms from certified training   partners

•       Smartcard

•       RF Technologies

•       RFID

•       ZigBee

•       GSM/GPRS

 Regulatory Compliance

•         UL

•         FCC

•         CE

 Standards Compliance

•         USB

•         EMV

For more information and details on the above training programs, please email us at with the subject as “Training information requested”.