Founder and CEO
Technosphere Marketing and Consulting LLP

“Our association with Ramesh has been beneficial multi-fold. He has made a detailed evaluation of our
organization before investing and helped us to fine tune the business plan. He has been very prompt in
providing feedback and in closing the investment within a short span.

He is now involved in our organization as an advisor, helping us to streamline business processes as
well as the Program Management system. Ramesh’s extensive experience as Project Manager is very
valuable to our company. His advice on resolving tricky management situations have been very timely
and useful. Quick analysis, frankness, teamwork and commitment to his words are the hallmark features
which will be of great benefit to whoever he associates.”

Mahesh Krishna Venkatachalam
Senior Firmware Architect, Hewlett Packard

“Ramesh was my first manager when I started my career at Wipro. He has been the best so far in
my last 10+ years in the IT industry. He is a very natural leader and the person to go to during crisis.
His strengths according to me are in people management, crisis management, excellent customer
relationship and the capability to get the job done the right way with utmost quality by involving the
people in the team. He shares a excellent rapport with all involved. He has been a great mentor to many
and a very dear friend to me. I cherish the times working with Ramesh and would recommend Ramesh
to any senior Managment position in a company that needs a turnaround especially with winning results
and a great employee engagement. He has this key attribute of making the employees work harder for
the bigger goal and the organization’s success and does not allow the small issues come in the way of
achieving these goals.”

Zulfiqar Ali Ahmed
Program Manager, Hewlett Packard

“I know Ramesh now for more than 10 years, he was my first manager at Wipro Technologies, I can say
I grew under his guidance from a individual contributor to a leader I am today. I admire his qualities
of being there when you want him the most. He is very enduring person and has great ability to bring
people together to work as a team for a common goal. He is an excellent leader, has great attitude,
understands the business, domain and customers he works with. He is also a great teacher, gives you
space and freedom at work to create and to deliver.. Besides being an excellent leader, he is a wonderful
human being and a great friend!”